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The best financial planning starts with a solid foundation. For most of us, this means protecting what we already have: our home, our life, our loved ones, our livelihoods. It is a sad fact that many people simply do not have the protection they really need.

There are a wide variety of protection policies available these days, but care and guidance must be sought to advise on the right protection for you and to help make a valid application.

Milecross Financial Solutions can help.

Today, many families face the following issues:

  • How would the surviving partner cope financially on the death of the other?
  • How would they maintain the same or similar standard of living for themselves and their children?
  • What would be the effect on the family income if either partner suffered a critical illness resulting in an inability to work?
  • How would the family make up the shortfall in income which might occur due to a prolonged period of not working due to an accident or illness?

Our financial advisers are on hand to help clients find their way around the various products which offer solutions to these potential problems.

They can help clients replace income if it’s lost due to unforeseen circumstances such as premature death or critical illness.

They can advise on a wide variety of areas including:-

  • Life cover
  • Critical illness cover
  • Family and personal income plans
  • Income protection benefit
  • Short term income protection
  • Funeral plans
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